Yansefu Inks and Coatings expands production capacity at Bawal site

Yansefu Inks and Coatings expands production capacity at Bawal site

Yansefu Inks and Coatings (YICPL) recently expanded its production capacity at the Bawal site to cater the rapidly increasing demands of the customers with their innovative products and solutions. “As the packaging sector is evolving, the requirements of different packaging solutions have also been emerging continuously in the market. Since, our business has been growing faster in domestic and global market as well, we needed to expand our production facilities, so we could accomplish our targets and customer requirements in expected period of time,” says JK Sharma, CEO – Yansefu, India.

Yansefu deals in various type of solvent-based, water-based inks and coatings products for both gravure and CI flexo applications; water-base, solvent-base and solvent-free adhesives. The company also designs tailor-made polyurethanes for providing world-class products to its customers.

Yansefu has installed several intermediate storage tanks of storage capacity up to 3 tonnes each that are designated to store various ink intermediates to prevent any cross contamination and reinforce the idea of formulating safe products. Subsequently, two more raw material storage tanks, each of them having storage capacity up to 30 tonnes has also been introduced. “Additionally, we are going to install a couple of multipurpose pilot reactors to design resins/binders and adhesives of newer chemistry and utilizing complex scale-up procedures,” adds Sharma.

The production area is equipped with automated machinery for PU/ resins binding, to manufacture polyurethanes, inks, coatings and adhesives. “Along with serving premium products to our customer, we primarily focus on product safety, keeping the fact in mind that our products should be safe and compliant for end-user applications. We have largely invested in our infrastructure in a manner to avoid the possible cross-contamination while manufacturing the products, strictly following all standard procedures,” adds Sharma.

The production area comprises of distinctive and designated areas to manufacture tailor-made polyurethanes in tin-free reactors, toluene-free inks and other products complying with various applicable regulatory legislation.

Source – https://thepackman.in/yansefu-inks-and-coatings-expands-production-capacity-at-bawal-site/