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Tube laminates in ABL and PBL technologies are available for usage in personal care, pharmaceuticals, and food items.

Laminated tubes are used for packaging across the globe in varied sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and oral hygiene. These are available in two laminates namely PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) and ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) .GLS tubes laminates provide a universal packaging solution for toothpaste, pharmaceutical creams, food goods, and technical combinations. Within the brand-name cosmetics market, the “next generation” of tube laminate, which feature a highly aesthetic minimum weld, high-quality decorations, best quality laminated tube material, has also established itself as the ideal packaging solution.

We make laminate tubes with volumes ranging from 5 ml to 300 ml out of ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminate) and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) materials. During production, we use cutting-edge technology to process the tube laminates material which helps tube manufacture on high-quality process with minimum process waste,

When it comes to making laminate tubes for cosmetic items, GLS India ranks among the most reliable and renowned laminated tube manufacturers in India, and is also able to meet almost any customer’s design and finish requirements.

The following are the broad categories in which our flexible packaging films & laminate basket offer to customers:

1.  Toothpastes:

The creation of packaging for dental hygiene products makes up the majority of our product portfolio. For numerous reasons, our lamination tubes are the perfect option:

  • maintaining high hygienic standards during production in clean rooms,
  • high-speed and cost-effective friendly Laminate ,
  • customer-friendly,
  • short lead times,
  • Experience in cooperation.

2.   Pharmacy:

Laminated tube packaging by GLS India also complies with the most stringent pharmaceutical quality standards. Manufacturing takes place in a newly renovated and fully food Safety 3rd party certified process area with continuous air quality monitoring and regulation, ensuring maximum cleanliness and hygiene throughout the tube laminate process in production.

Why should you choose GLS India for your pharmaceutical packaging?

  • Automatic online quality inspection systems,
  • BRC, ISO 22000 certified,
  • Compliance to Global requirements

3.  Food:

Laminated tube packaging by GLS India also complies with the most stringent food safety quality standards and GLS-manufactured lamitube laminates meet all customer’s requirements in the food packaging segment.

Why is GLS India the finest food packaging option

  • Maintaining high hygiene standards during production
  • Equipped with online quality inspection systems
  • BRC, ISO 22000 certified
  • Experience of handling variety of packaging for food products.