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GLS has been offering various types of pouches in various segments like snacks, confectionery, liquids, hot fill and heavy-duty bag, etc.  We utilize the latest technologies to develop – pouches to perform on customer filling and attract end consumers when kept on the shelf in stores.

  1. Mono Polymer family sustainable recycle-friendly Pouches

GLS sustainable flexible packaging portfolio offers flexible packaging pouches options such as 3 D/5 Panel, Zipper stand-up, 3 side seal, and center seal pouches. It is made with up to 100% recyclable -mono polymer polyolefin family structures like PE/PE, PP/PE, PP/PP, etc. The pouch can be customized with the barrier requirement –Normal Barrier to Ultra High Barrier


  • Excellent machinability
  • 100% Recyclable
  • High heat seal strength
  • Good optical properties
  • Seals at low-temperature
  1. Shaped Pouches:

GLS is offering shaped pouches by considering your design and product filing requirements. Shaped pouches are great for refills, helping your sustainability efforts to replace the rigid packaging. Shape pouches are generally used in the beverages and foods sectors. Pouch shapes can be completely customized based on customer specifications.


  • Juice packs
  • Dairy Products
  • Sauces, oils, Pastes
  • Seasonings
  • Home and personal care products
  1. Spouted Pouches

GLS is offering spouted pouches which are taking off as one of the most popular solutions for liquid packaging.  Spouted pouches provides many benefits over plastic and glass bottles. Spouted nozzle acts as a perfect dispensing solution. Combined with excellent space and lower carbon footprints, these multipurpose pouches utilize more efficient production methods compared to rigid plastic packaging.

Spouted Pouches can be offered in below designs.

Stand-up Pouches

3 Side Seal Pouches

Shaped Pouches


  • Juice pack
  • Dairy Product
  • Sauces, oils,
  • Seasonings,
  • Home and personal care products.
  1. 5-Panel (3D or Block Bottom Pouch)

5-Panel pouch (or block bottom pouch or 3D pouch) is the most convenient for consumers to handling the filled pouches comparative conventional pouches or rigid packs. They stand on retail shelves up-right with perfection and have branding opportunities on five sides of the pouch – front, back, both side gussets, and bottom gusset. The pouches can be made with a zipper or slider, or Pocket zipper configurations- Hence providing added convenience to the end consumers.

Key highlights:

  • Outstanding stability, especially for lightweight products.
  • Attractive appearance on the retail shelves, either upright or lying.
  • Opportunity to display branding on all five sides of the pouch.
  • Very convenient for the consumer to use the product directly from the pouch, with the re-closable option.
  • Option to incorporate window to display the product.
  • Various aesthetic option like matte, gloss and metalized, etc.
  1. Sustainable Paper Pouches

GLS is offering a paper-based Bio-Degradable/Recyclable three-side seal pouch. The gloss on the paper-based pouch surface is comparable with Polyester film through surface coating and is capable to replace secondary packs made from Polyester/Polyethylene structures.