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Rotogravure printing cylinders of exceptional quality are widely utilized in the printing industry. From rotogravure print cylinders to laminating and coating rollers, GLS India – the best Rotogravure Cylinder manufacturer in India has it all.

GLS India – an excellent Rotogravure Printing Cylinder company in India manufactures and supplies top-quality Gravure Printing Cylinders along with other commercial goods.


GLS India Cylinder business has built an unblemished reputation for itself, thanks to its extensive infrastructure, skilled workforce, and cutting-edge technology. GLS India is the most reputed manufacturer of rotogravure cylinders, also known as Gravure Printing Cylinders, for packaging and other sectors. Whether you’re printing for the first time or using a re-engraved cylinder offered by the most reliable Cylinder engravers solution company in India – GLS India, ensures that the product’s brand identification is preserved while retaining perfect sharpness, contrast, and gamma levels.

In-house design & Prepress studio:

GLS Cylinder division is equipped with the latest OS Mac & PC Work stations and latest software like ESKO, Adobe, Coral draw, etc, for excellent artwork reproduction.

Digital Engraving:

On the cylinders, top-of-the-line machines from Europe and the United States have been placed for filmless digital engraving. The digital file is transferred to the engraver after examining the finished layout, including press marks, on a Plotter printout. The technologically advanced engraving machines can generate a variety of cell profiles and provide customer-defined Gamma Levels, ensuring precise reproduction for specialized applications.

During a high-speed engraving procedure that satisfies diverse printing requirements, the Engraver’s diamond stylus produces up to 8500 cells per second. Each cylinder’s engraving accuracy in terms of cell geometry (cell width, cell wall, and depth) is ensured, resulting in sharpness on the prints.

Finally, the engraved Gravure Printing Cylinder that best suits printing requirements are electroplated with hard chrome. Engravers are employed on hollow and shafted gravure printing cylinders with a length of up to 2500 mm and a circumference of up to 1250 mm for a variety of printing applications.


GLS India is recognized as a noted and distinct Cylinder engravers manufacturer in India and also is popularly known for producing specialized cylinders for a variety of applications as follows:

  • Specialty Coating
  • Lamination Coating
  • Lacquer Coating

Low GSM Coating Cylinder