GLS Group



GLS has decades of experience in providing a full range of food packaging solutions that complement the way companies do business, whether it’s a small local deli or a large food industry conglomerate, serving customers in the diverse market of dry foods, confectionery, fresh produce and other similar food products. With our wide-ranging flexible packaging product offering, including FFS Roll, Stock Rolls, and more, we have effective packaging solutions for virtually any food product application. Packaging material offered by GLS is manufactured by utilizing superior quality raw materials and latest technologies. Our teams have vast expertise in designing the required barrier performance to protect food products from moisture, oxygen, & odor. We also offer superior printing, ensuring our customer’s food products truly stand out from the competition.

Following are the broad categories in which our flexible packaging films & laminate basket offer to customers:

  1. Nutrition Liquid Paste:
  2. Bakery Products
  3. Dairy Product
  4. Sauces, Condiments Cooking Aids
  5. Snacks, Sweets, Nuts, Confectionery
  6. Heavy Duty Laminate: Atta, Rice packaging
  7. Dry Powder
  8. Liquid Beverages
  9. Health Care
  10. Personal Care