At Yansefu, we deeply understand the critical importance of product safety and compliance within the food packaging industry. Recognizing the shared responsibilities across the supply chain—from brand owners to converters and ink manufacturers—we are committed to a collaborative approach that ensures food safety. Brand owners are tasked with specifying precise packaging requirements, while converters must design and communicate these specifications effectively for ink development. As an ink manufacturer, Yansefu not only provides expert guidance on ink usage and regulatory needs but also offers process validation support to converters, ensuring that final products meet rigorous standards.

We actively offer compliance certification for our products upon customer request and keep abreast of regulatory updates, such as the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations, 2018 in India, which mandates compliance with IS 15495 for manufacturing printing inks for food packages. Our inks, including our toluene-free lamination inks, are proactively validated against the latest standards, exemplified by our contribution to the recent revisions of IS 15495 and our recognition on the contributors’ list. By navigating both positive and negative list principles in our formulations, Yansefu balances innovation with safety, providing premium, compliant, and safe printing ink solutions tailored to the unique needs of each partner in the supply chain.