GLS Group



GLS has always believed in creating and innovating. Our graphic designing house, Emerald is an initiative in innovative packaging designs that are artistic and highly technical. We are richly equipped with tools that produce anti-counterfeit designs, embossing effects, pre-press, and engraving effects on packages and cylinders. Our current clients include well-known brands like KFC, Tata Tea, Burger King, etc.

Emarald offers Best in Quality, Service, Graphic Excellence and Cost- Effective Solutions with all facilities of :

  • Designing
  • Studio & Sampling
  • Prepress facilities with Digital proofing
  • Engraving and Final Proofing for Flexible Packaging and Specialized Printing Industries at one stop.

It specializes in Large cylinders of Texture jobs for Leather, Plywood, Rexine and paper industry.


    Innovative packing design using state of the art technology and software.

    • Pleasing Aesthetics and embossing effects.
    • Advanced features such as Security, Anti-Scanning and Anti-replicating.

    • Hell XL Smart Hybrid Engraver Circumference 1200 mm. to Length 2500 mm.
    • 4 Nos Hell K5Engravers with high frequency.
    • Cylinder Size Engraving Hollow cylinder
      Face width: 100-2400 mm
      Circumference: 200-1200 mm
    • Shaft Cylinder
      Cirumference 200-1200 mm
      Face width 100-2300 mm
    • Maximum production capacity of 2000 cylinders per month.

    • In house base Shell Manufacturing
    • Automatic Copper and chrome plating lines
    • Machining and balancing facilities
    • Hollow & Shaft cylinder production
    • High precision and quality attained in minimum possible time.
    • Existing Capacity: 2500 cylinders per month.
    • Enhanced Capacity: 4000 cylinders per month.
    • Accuracy and metallurgy as per international standards.

    • We use Art-pro for Digital Pre-press planning
    • All our monitors are color calibrated for precise halftone generation.
    • Our printers are color calibrated for actual substrate and imaging in white and metallic inks
    • Epson Color Printer for prints on actual substrates with inbuilt GMG software.