GLS installs a Bobst NOVA RS 5002 gravure press

GLS installs a Bobst NOVA RS 5002 gravure press

GLS’ gravure press for sustainable flexibles

A recently commissioned Bobst NOVA RS 5002 gravure printing press will expand capacity for Indian packaging specialist GLS Films and uphold the high print quality that the company prides itself on offering to its customers. Since it was founded over two decades ago by managing director Sandeep Goyal, GLS Films Industries has grown to become one of India’s leading flexible packaging companies, catering to a host of industry segments including food and drinks, FMCG, pharmaceutical, industrial and agriculture. Focusing on innovation, supply reliability and technical expertise, the GLS team continues to
push the boundaries of manufacturing excellence, while also offering cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Today GLS Films has two Bobst gravure printing presses. The 888 model was installed in 2012 and is in production since then. It features user-friendly and functional solutions that increase volume flexibility and deliver fast turnaround of a wide range of high quality printed flexible packaging applications on film, including critical substrates such as PE or paper substrates.

“As a world-leading, innovative technology solutions provider Bobst was the natural choice for us when we were thinking of expanding. Their presses are highly productive, deliver superior performance and are very easy to operate,” said Goyal. “Our experience with all our Bobst machinery has been excellent and the new press is no exception. It has been a major contributor to boosting our capacity and productivity this year.”

Ready for greener flexible packaging

The NOVA RS 5002 at GLS has been developed for shaftless cylinders. It features the unrivalled qualities of Bobst’s leading edge technical solutions to deliver operational excellence, premium gravure printing and superior quality output. Designed for high-speed printing with a splash-free design, it is easy to set up, it is suitable for toluene-based and toluene-free inks and offers precise web tension control for high printing quality.

As a supplier to the food industry GLS makes sure that its products not only look great, but also guarantee enhanced safety, hygiene and protection. Mr Goyal said, “Our company’s achievements in the arena of green technology deserve a special mention. With innovative methods, we have ushered in eco-friendly products and thus envisage a greener world. Bobst’s gravure press is engineered to deliver superior performance with water- or solvent-based ink printing on a wide variety of flexible packaging materials including the new eco-friendly substrates thus aiding us in fulfilling our corporate vision.”

The GLS promise of quality service continues with an effective and prompt after-sales support, and in turn, this is also what they expect from their own suppliers. “Bobst has an excellent sales and service team in India. After sales service is very important as it cuts down on response time. We received the best service from Bobst, and we look forward to continuing our relationship going forward as well,” Goyal concluded.

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